Gastronomy is also culture in Washington

Gastronomy is also culture in Washington

The Holy Scriptures say that “Nor Shall man live by bread alone”. But, when we talk about Washington, the bread is presente both literally and figuratively speaking. The capitol of USA is an amazing destination when the subject is couisine. The museums are full of food courts with many diferente options of fast food and snack bars. But you can’t be restricted only to this. Tourists and visitors also like to eat well. And, why not trying new flavors while visiting the city? Here are some tips.

For every good Brazilian, a dish with meal is always a nice option, just like feijoada. So, the right way is going to The Grill From Ipanema and feel the taste of homeland spending around US$20,00 per person.

For the ones who like more sofisticated and professional indications, how about going through one of the three tasting menus of The Inn At Little Washington? Awarded with two Michelin Stars, the restaurant focuses in a more sofisticated couisine, with prices easily higher than US$300,00 per person with wine included.

For the hottest and spiciest tastes, the perfect place is Ben’s Chili Bowl, at U Street. Established in 1958 in the considered birthplace of Blues, the symathetic and traditional restaurant has an old-fashioned front, portraits of famous visitors and a menu full of hot options. The main courses are the hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and sausages, all of them with lots of chili and good music from the jukebox. The average price is US$20,00 per person.

So, when coming to Washington, check your stomach, prepare your mouth and get ready to this gastronomic party. From a single fast food until a restaurant with international fame, Washington doesn’t let its visitors down with hunger. And the trip is delicious.

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