Capitol of Fiction

Capitol of Fiction

Besides Washington being the political heart and soul of United States, it is also part of other “shows”, some of them more pleasant than the ones portraied in the political pages of the newspapers. Many times Hollywood has chosen the American capitol to be the main scenario to different eras and situations. Naturally, political themes are a constant in those films and series, some of them largely known and awarded.

Some real classics take place in DC. Here we are going to talk about three pieces that are like an obligation to everyone who likes cinema and TV series.

The most secret situations during Nixon’s government are shown in the famous movie “All The President’s Men” (1976). Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford are the protagonists of this film. They are the two journalists from The Washington Post that, thanks to a misteryous source, discover a real spider web that became famous as The Watergate Case, which culminated in the renounce of president Richard Nixon.

An alien invasion puts in risk all forms of life in planet Earth and the president of the United States himself will lead a counter-attack to save mankind. This is the plot of “Independence Day” (1996). Bill Pullman, Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum are the main artists of this catastrophe classic from the 1990’s. Pay attention to the scene in which the alien spaceship destroys the White House.

The ambition and infinite aim for the power make Francis Underwood a man with no feelings and capable of everything to grow up in public life and becoming the most powerful person in the world. With this plot and a perfect interpretation from Kevin Spacey, the series “House of Cards” (2014) became a reference for all TV series from both Tv studios and for Netflix streaming servisse. So far, there are 65 episodes and no preview of ending.

If Washington breeds politics, it is worthy to use it as entertainment.

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